Speed limitation and Signage Proposal

Speed Monitoring Program nominations

We recently recieved an invitation to consider the erection of pedestrian safety signage

being offered by the Little Dinosaur Foundation. The foundation was initiated after a traffic

incident where a 4 year old boy was killed in a pedestrian crash. the closing date for our

response is 30 August . As our meeting is not until 5 September , I have gone ahead and

nominated 3 locations . If you would like to suggest other locations, please let me

know so that I can contact Kathy Wiseham at council.

One sign states ” Hold My Hand ” in large print.

The other states : “Slow Down” ( in red circle) “Kids Around – It’s Holiday Time



We have nominated locations in the Bendalong- Manyana area

for the  Speed Monitoring Program on behalf of Red Head Villages Association .

The two preferable locations would be at the entrance to Bendalong Village

on the Bendalong Road to encourage motorists to slow down as they approach the

Bendalong Store area which has heavy pedestrian traffic flow, especially during

holiday periods.

The second would be at the approach to Cunjurong Point village on Cunjurong

Point Road especially during holiday periods. Many walkers, joggers and cyclists

use this roadway during the holiday periods , especially during Christmas/New Year.

Our association will endeavour to use our community noticeboard to promote our

new walkway/cycleway ( partially completed ) between Inyadda Beach,Manyana

and Bendalong during holiday periods to encourage people not to use Inyadda Drive

which is a very dangerous access route between the villages.