Preliminary reading

In an effort to reduce the duration of general meetings, the RHVA executive has resolved that reports from executive committee members and the Yulunga Reserve Committee will be placed on the website one week before the next general meeting. This will allow people to familiarise themselves with the issues in advance and ask questions at the meeting, without time having to be spent on presentation of the report.

The reports will then subsequently be incorporated into the minutes for the relevant general meeting.

Committee Reports for General Meeting 20 July 2019

Treasurer’s report General Meeting 20 July 2019

July 2019 Secretary’s report

20 July 2019 Planning and Development Report May-Jun19

  • Supplementary comments from Planning Officer: Work on the Bendalong boat ramp beach is proceeding in accordance with Council guidelines. The Bendalong Master Plan is as yet unfunded and is waiting close to the top of the high priority list – as outlined in the Draft Delivery Program Operational Plan & Budget

20 July 2019 Environment officer report


July 2019 Inyadda Drive Planning Proposal Focus Group Report

Webmaster’s report 20 July 2019