Contact Details if Stage 1 clearing conditions are not adhered to click here



See correspondence out letter below 29th April


In the wake of the devastating bushfires, OzyHomes have expressed their concern for the community and the environment, and have temporarily put work on MBE and “The Spot” on hold. Please refer to the document below for their full statement.

14 Jan 2020 Ozy Homes Bushfire Statement


PLEASE NOTEDetails have been rapidly evolving since SCC’s contact (14 November 2019) regarding the construction certificate for Stage 1, with information being updated and corrected by key stakeholders on several occasions. The information provided below is believed to be correct, based on information available at the time of writing, but further modifications may be necessary. Please keep an eye out for further updates and direct any enquiries to the relevant authorities via the contact details provided below.

The following list of documents and contact details will remain at the top of this page, and will be updated as required. Scroll down for important additional information and updates.


  • Click here for the full list documents pertaining to the determination on the Manyana Beach Estate development available on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website
  • Notification/notes from SCC regarding issuing of construction certificate for Stage 1.
  • Planning approval – see schedule 2 for conditions that need to be complied with before, during and after construction. See updates below regarding restrictions on clearing of vegetation.
  • Site map (from Department website)Approved plans - layout
  • Tree details (from Department website). Shows list/location  of trees in preservation zone. Stage 1 includes the first 6 lots (from left to right) in the row adjacent to row 4 (see bottom of image). Note that the tree preservation zone does not extend into the western-most lots)

    Approved plans - tree details

  • Colour coded map highlighting key features of Stage 1 works (prepared by RHVA based on currently available information – NB the shaded area for the 49m APZ is an approximation only. This map is intended as an indicative guide only).

    Manyana Beach Estate STAGE 1 works-1

Contact details

NB Please also notify RHVA of non-compliance issues (see Contacts page of website, or leave a comment).

NSW Department of Planning

For matters relating to consent:

1300305695 or online (NSW planning “Contact us”).

Council contacts

The SCC site inspector will be Neil Prior, engineering subdivision:

(02) 4429 3230.

For non-compliance issues (e.g. noise, dust), please register a complaint with council by clicking here.


Site supervisor contact details will be displayed publicly on the external fencing of the development. They have also advised that further enquiries can be directed to their office on (02) 8077 1109.

Update 23 December 2019

We have been advised that the developer no longer needs to complete each stage before moving on to the next one. The simply need to demonstrate “practical completion”. This represents a change to the original approval conditions.

Updates December 3 2019

Below is a summary of key information that has been obtained from SCC, APWM CIVIL (contracted to do civil construction) and/or has been extracted from the above documents.

Scope of current construction certificate

The current construction certificate applies to Stage 1. Further construction certificates will only be issued on the completion and passing of each stage. Council has advised that the stages would normally progress in numerical order, but this can be varied if there is an appropriate reason.

Letter from AWPM CIVIL, including hours of site operation

Last week, residents adjacent to the development site received a letter from AWPM CIVIL, the firm engaged to undertake the civil construction of the site. The letter confirms that works will commence on Stage 1 with “main access from Berringer Road”, and that consent has been given for working hours of:

7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
7am to 12 noon on Saturdays
No work on Sundays or public holidays

Please note the following clarifications/corrections of information in the letter:

  • Council has advised that the State Government, not council, is the consenting authority. The working hours were set by Stage Government; these differ from council hours.
  • AWPM CIVIL advises that the site office/compound will be located adjacent to the access road from Berringer Rd, at the location marked “proposed bus stop location” (i.e. in Stage 5, see map).

Start date

Works will commence with survey work and erection of barriers. APWM Civil advise that they intend to commence pegging out of the site next week and to have at least the scrub cleared before their Christmas break (20 Dec to 6 Jan).

Restrictions on clearing of vegetation

Trees in the tree preservation zone (10m zone within lots adjacent to existing properties, see map) cannot be cleared without permission from council (see part B7 of the conditions of Project Approval document).  These trees are identified in the Approved Plans – Tree Details document, below.

Other vegetation can be cleared, however only for Stage 1. As per B7(2) of the Project Approval document “removal of vegetation shall be carried out commensurate with the construction of each stage of the development“. Note that additional clearing is permitted for asset protection zones and the construction of access roads (see below).

Update on access road

The access road that has been permitted by council to allow heavy traffic to enter the site from Berringer Rd will now go along roads 1 and 2, through stages 5 and 4 (south along road 2 adjacent to green space, then east along road 3, then south along road 1 adjacent to playground, then into stage 1 – see map). This route avoids the Endangered Ecological Community (EEC, see map) as much as possible and will become a permanent road. Council advises that this route avoids the Bangalay moist woodland; this means that clearing can commence at this time of year. Otherwise, Bangalay moist woodland cannot be cleared between October and the end of February.

Hollow bearing trees and nesting boxes

As set out in State government conditions, trees with hollows must be inspected prior to felling by the ecologists who prepared the report for the developer (Ecoplanning). Animals must be rehomed before the tree can be felled. A total of 108 nesting boxes are to be set up, in the EEC with overflow going onto Crown Land on the western side of Cunjurong Point Rd. These are supposed to be monitored, for example for rodents.

Asset protection zone

  • A 49m asset protection zone will be cleared around Stage 1. Part of this includes Bangalay moist woodland – clearing of this area will be delayed until March or later. The APZ “can be removed once adjoining stages have been developed and the bushfire threat removed” (see Project Approval).
  • A permanent 10m asset protection zone will be cleared behind houses on Sunset Strip bordering the EEC and associated buffer zone.

Protection of EEC and buffer zone during construction

AWPC CIVIL advises that fencing will be erected to protect the EEC and buffer zone during construction.

November 2019

The construction certificate is just about to be issued for Stage 1. Click here for notification and relevant information from council.

Stage 1 can commence with no restriction on time of year.

Council subdivisions department have stated they will allow clearing for heavy vehicle access through stages 2/3 from Berringer Road as this is a further requirement to prevent heavy vehicles on Sunset Strip and The Companionway.

There is a 10M wide tree preservation zone to the rear of allotments adjacent to existing lots on Sunset Strip, this will affect 4 lots in stage 1 (see link before for site maps and tree identification).

Further construction certificates will only be issued on the completion and passing of each stage.

Clearing restrictions apply to stages 2,3 and 4.  The clearing restrictions are from the beginning of October and the end of February in any year.

December 2018

manyana beach estate update december 2018

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