Red Head Village Association is putting together a PICTORIAL HISTORY BOOK OF THE 5 VILLAGES.
The book will include information, pictures from Aboriginal settlement till now,including chapters such as –
commercial outlets/shops in the area, fundraisers, functions, fires, cyclones, sport, environmental protests, scenery shots noting the beauty of the area. 
In the near future we will reach out for old photographs/newspaper clippings of the unique history of the Villages.
More details to come.
Below is the opening of the Manyana shop, cnr Curvers drive and Inyadda.

New 80 km/h on Bendalong Rd

The new speed zone on Bendalong road has come into play.
This came about from a motion put forward buy Lex Frew about 3 years ago and supported by those present as he was concerned about the devastation of wild life on the road. Sadly still happening today as the dead wombats laying on the side of the road are a testament to that.

Stand Up for the Environment

A message from Manyana Matters


Yulunga Reserve, Sunset Strip, Manyana – 10am

We have a plan so humor us and BRING A SURFBOARD. Alternatively, bring a push bike and bike lock. (Trust us on this, okay?) All will be revealed on the day. We’re going to have some fun.

This is a Covid-cool and family-friendly event. It goes without saying, wear or bring a protest sign. Dress the little ones in characters from the Aussie bush.

Why are we holding this event? Just take a look at the map of how little unburnt land surrounds Manyana! It’s time to stand up and send a loud message to our Government that we won’t tolerate any further destruction to the environment.

Manyana Beach Estate- Clearing Conditions

Attached is the link to the full development consent on Redhead Villages Association website, including what must be adhered to during the clearing for stage one:  Pages 17-21 detail the specifics of the requirements during the construction phase. There should be a notice at the entrance to the site with a phone number to contact at council if there are issues.

Manyana Beach Estate – Commence date…

The developer’s consultant has advised Council that, “site set up (fencing, site sheds etc) has been provisionally programmed for 4 May 2020 and commencement of vegetation clearing on 7 May 2020.”

Senior management notified Councillors to make them aware of the imminent commencement of works.

May the 4th be with us…..

General Meeting 21/3/2020 – POSTPONED

Clean Up Australia Day- March 1st 2020

At 8 am the local community were lining up to get their clean up Australia Day bags. After the devastating fires came through I was unsure how much rubbish would actually collect. The kids and I first started at the Green Island track and I was happy to say we only found 5 pieces of rubbish and a pair of old broken crutches… With our empty bag we drove back to Bendalong to North Inyada Beach where there were already volunteers picking up rubbish. After the fire ripped through we were able to go quite deep into the bush and we filled bags and bags of empty beer bottles. On behalf of the RHVA Thanks to everyone who filled a bag (or bags).